The Sisterhood of the travelling dress

And so the story begins…

I was thrilled to be part of this awesome experience The Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress. I opted to be part of this project. The idea came about from a member of a facebook group called black female photographer in which I’m a member, I was excited as I hadn’t done anything like this …thought hey how hard can it be?

1 dress 10 photographers from different genres, cultures, personalities, locations and one thing in common a Camera!

 I was scheduled to receive the dress on the week commencing the 9th of  September, it came a little later than I had  planned, a  week to the time the nerves kicked in the reality struck …gosh it’s my turn soon, I haven’t got any plan or a model yet. I even encouraged the photographer (Tianna Jarrett-Williams)  check out her blog here before me not to rush and post  the dress across. The week the dress arrived, I had two weddings and a portrait session. So I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet up with time allotted to me. My great plan was as quickly as I got the dress, send it straight off to the next brave photographer (Kimberley Lawson check her blog out) that’s what I did. ( I didn’t even open the packaging to see the dress, I was so nervous having it in my possession)……. one thing I noticed and loved was it had maintained its original packaging all this time recycling at it’s best… until someone broke the cycle… ok back to the photography part

The lady in red

So a friend of mine and fellow photographer and videographer nkomokaptures (great guy met him on insta) found me a beautiful model, talk show host Miss Cynthea her Instagram is , she is tall, curvy, beautiful and our energies matched, I explained the project to her and told her it was a top secret no insta stories during the shoot …LooL

It was a cold Autumn day but the sun made a brief appearance and I tried to use that to my advantage.

I wanted to reflect the city in which the Ankara dress was being photographed which was London, where else than to represent that than Westminster. Any ideas I had Cynthea was up for whatever and she was great to work with.

when you stop traffic

It was fun taking photos in the concrete jungle, but occasionally interrupted by tourists wanting to take pictures of Cynthea and with her, luckily, we got the assistance of a body guard who bounced any tourist asking for a photo ?

The body Guard

I reached out to the very talented designer of the dress from The House of Tendai, Thea Ajayi, that I desperately needed a model, after helping me search with not much luck, she gladly offered to model for me, she is also a professional model, a good friend and fellow entrepreneur.

Designer of the travelling Dress

  The 2nd shoot was tight for us both as we both have babies who on the day of the shoot decided to cling and cry for their mums. We both met up way behind schedule at a Park near the DLR. No body interrupted us only the weather disrupted a bit towards the end of the shoot, weather was cold, windy and unfriendly but Thea was a Pro through it all, she got her groove on and we shot.

CEO of House of Tendai modelling the travelling dress

This is an insert of what the designer of the dress from House of Tendai had to say about the project, “I was introduced by my wedding photographer and a very good friend of mine about the Traveling Dress and how 10 female photographers will be taking part. I really felt inspired by what I heard. What a fantastic idea to work with so many awesome photographers taking part! I wanted to be part of it, so I put a message out to a group of lovely, talented UK black female photographers letting them know I would be thrilled to design and make the travelling dress.

I sent many fabric samples to the group, in which everyone then voted for the fabric they liked the most, the highest vote one.Work started on the dress straight away and I was super excited about everything, I finished the dress in just short of a week and posted it to the first photographer, from then the dress started travelling from one place to another. I was so thrilled to be able to model the dress myself.

It’s been such an awesome project to be a part of – I’m ready to take part in another one! It was so inspiring and exciting seeing the variety of fab and creative images that everyone had created”

travelling dress, fashion designer

Ankara… some call it African print even though it was not originally printed in Africa to begin with.

Depending on what region your from in Africa, the Ankara material has various meanings based on its colors and patterns. In years past Ankara was seen as an alternative way to dress up for an occasion if one could not afford the more expensive traditional clothing.

But of recent, Ankara, also known as African wax print has become a global trend with Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Salange Knowles, Gwen Stefani, Gabrielle Union, Tamar Braxton and host of others who have stepped out in different gorgeous ankara designs.